Wrath of the Lich King – Frostweave Farming

This is going to be my second post in a series I am planning on doing featuring some great ways to make gold off of older content.  To level tailoring, a tailor needs to have ~ 1650 frostweave cloth. That, even for current content, is an immense amount of cloth. Now with very few people actually running through Northrend these days, it can be very hard to find enough cloth to get past this huge barrier. What I have for you here is a great little place with mobs that fall down like dominoes, and there are plenty of them to go around. You will be killing Converted Hero’s in the area highlighted below. Group them up, AOE them down, and loot their rotting carcasses for some nice profit. Now without competition, I could farm about 14 stacks on hour on my mage with Northern Cloth Scavenging. Without this ability, expect to get significantly less cloth. On my server, I can sell a single stack for up to about 80g per. That’s well over 1k an hour if your servers economy is up for it. ENJOY!


The Burning Crusade – Flipping Vendor Gear for Quick Gold

Every two years or so comes a new expansion. When a new expansion is released, less and less players frequent the previous expansions zones. This causes a decrease in supply of materials, or mats, that are needed to level peoples professions up to par with current content. The trend of previous expansions has been to either add new races or new classes with the new content, such as the Blood Elves / Draenei in TBC, Death Knights in WOTLK, and now Panderans in the upcoming MoP. When new, shiny things are released, people play with them. People level new toons, sometimes to level ten, other times to the level cap. When people do get their new characters to the cap, they begin doing all the fun things that end game WoW offers, including professions. Very few people level their professions while leveling their toons, and will focus on it more at max level. With the decrease in supply of old expansion mats, you can almost be guaranteed that their is a huge demand for people looking to craft things from previous content or level their professions. What I have for you today is an easy way to cash in with enchanting off of this large demand for old content mats.

Coreiel / Aldraan


These two NPC’s (Coreiel for Horde, Aldraan for Alliance) hang around in Halaa when your faction controls it. For those of you who don’t know, Halaa is a PvP capture point in Nagrand, and offers rewards such as mounts and a JC pattern. Those however are not the key points to these vendors. What we will be focusing on is the 2 green quality weapons they provide; The Sharp Cookie / Avenging Blades and Arkadian Claymore / Halaani Claymore.

Now depending on the server, these items may not be worth the trouble. Check your AH to see how much Greater Planar Essence’s are selling for. If they are, say, 20g like they are on my server’s AH, buy out all 6 of these weapons and disenchant them. This is a ludicrous way of making an easy profit, as these weapons are cheap and can yield 2-4 GPE’s a piece.

WARNING: Don’t overstock these. If your lucky the market will be empty and you will be able to offload a couple of these pretty easily. The AH is very fluid though, and can change at any time. One moment you may be the only one selling them, and the next there’s 100 stacks of 1 posted.

Whelp, that’s all folks!


Occasionally, while browsing the Google looking for quick and easy ways to make a buck or two, I actually stumble upon a good tip. This is one of those awesome and under-looked things that can easily net you in the THOUSANDS of gold, although it is a little RNG dependent. In this post, I will be talking about four pets that, with a little time invested, can easily make you upwards of 40k.

Tiny Emerald Whelpling – http://www.wowhead.com/item=8498/tiny-emerald-whelpling

This little bad boy has dropped for me two times now, both within ~30 minutes of farming. Don’t use these stats as solid evidence though. Just by glancing at the comments on wowhead, one can see that there are people who have farmed for months and still have not seen this beast. In order to get this guy, you need to head over to northern Feralas. I recommend a max level character for this, with 280 -310% flight speed, simply to make your life easier. What your going to be doing is killing Noxious Whelps in the area highlighted in the map above. They are pretty weak and should fall over in a single shot. Kill, loot, and pray for your pet. Now these bad boys sell on MY server for about 15k, but in order to make some quick sales, I dumped both mine for 11k and 12k. I do regret not waiting, as I thought the drop rate was a bit less rare then previously stated. I’ve been back since 3-4 times, have farmed for upwards of half an hour and had nothing drop, so there definitely is a large dependence on the RNG.

Azure Whelpling – http://www.wowhead.com/item=34535#dropped-by

I haven’t really put in any serious effort for this one. I spent ~20 minutes farming for this pet before IRL forced me away from my computer. Just like the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, this guy requires some serious farming to get. The Anguished Highborne mobs located in Winterspring seem to have the highest drop rate, with the Winterfall Ursa mobs coming in second place. You can find the Highborne mobs located in the red circle and the Ursa’s in the the green circle on the map above. I have seen one of these on my servers local AH, and it sold for about the same as the Emerald Whelpling, so you can easily expect ~15k for this pet.

Dark Whelpling – http://www.wowhead.com/item=10822

Being the more common of the four, this pet will probably fetch you less then the other 3. I have had one drop for me, and at the time it sold for ~7k. Note that there was quite a few up, and I was constantly being undercut. I wouldn’t recommend this specific pet if your trying to make gold off of rarities, but it definitely is a nice pet to have on one of your characters, say, a bank toon. According to Wowhead, Searing Whelps and Hatchlings in Duskwallow Marsh have the highest drop rate for these. I personally farmed mine out in the Badlands off of Scalding Whelps because of there convinient location / close grouping and quick respawn rates, but it is completely up to you guy which you choose to farm. I have posted maps of both the locations for you guys and gals above.

Tiny Crimson Whelpling – http://www.wowhead.com/item=8499

This pet is the rarest of the 4. It’s drop rate is about 50% less then the others, but that doesn’t mean its impossible to find. Your going to need to do some ridiculous farming in order to get him, whether for resale or for your own personal use. Wowhead’s data states that Leech Stalkers in  Southern Wetlands have the highest drop rate for these, aside from rare spawns that is. I have yet to check and see what there spacing and respawn rates are like, but there is always another option if it is poor.  Ebon Whelps, located just a little bit north of the Stalkers, are large in number and quick to respawn. There is actually a group of four that you can run through in a straight line, kill them, loot their corpses, and by the time your done they should begin to respawn. I haven’t seen one of these on the AH yet, but you can easily to expect to get 20k if you are patient, as it is a extremely rare pet. Check the maps above for mob locations, green being the Stalkers, and red being the Whelps.


These pets may have a low drop rate, but they are extremely worth it if you get lucky.  Just a few things to note:

– All these pets are zone drops, and can drop from any mob in the zones shown above. The mobs listed are simply the mobs that have the best drop rate and are the most convenient.

– Prices will vary from server to server, and the prices listed above are just what I have seen and what I feel they may be worth.

– I am not sure if these drop from the Call to Arm’s Dungeon Satchel, but there is a good chance that they do.

– Farming for these shouldn’t be your only way to make gold. It can be an added bonus if you have an hour to kill.

– Don’t make this a chore. Blast some music, watch some TV, and just relax. Don’t stress over it if it doesn’t drop.

So grab your toons, drag your butts to these pets respective zones, and start a mass genocide so you can have one of their children follow you around while you kill their parents in raids and what not 🙂

Holy Hell

You guys dig it?

 Okay guys. I’m sorry. I don’t really think there is that many people that actually follow this blog, and I don’t blame anyone. I don’t post anything EVER. I have a little bit of a commitment issue I think lol, but here I am, trying to do it anyways! Okay so really quickly here, I’m just going to go through a couple of the things that have happened to me in my WoW career of late.

– Dinged both my Paladin and Warlock to 85, bringing the total to 4 max level characters!

– Got my Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting to max, or damn close.

– Discovered a love for PvP, and a general distaste for PvE.

– Switched my Death Knights Mining Skill to Engineering.

– Discovered some new and great ways to make gold.

There may be more that has happened but I can’t really recall any of it. Getting both my pally and lock to 85 is great because it just gives me that many more ways to make income. I didn’t really switch my mining of for engineering based on profitability. I’ve always really enjoyed the engineering profession as a whole (I am going to university in the fall for computer engineering) and I NEVER mine anymore. (Was going to switch it, but decided to just level one of my toons and take up engineering on them.) The closest thing to farming that I’ve done lately is for some whelps which I will touch on in a different post.

I’ll be putting out a couple of articles today or tomorrow about the different methods I’ve picked up lately and how exactly to execute them. I was hoping to include video but my graphics card is kinda a piece of shit and trying to record video while playing is absolutely horrible. What I can do however is throw in some pretty pictures and maps to help guide the process. So here’s hoping for a bright future for this blog and a new and reinvigorated urge to share!

Re: My Life.

What a crazy few weeks it has been. I haven’t posted on here in a while and have decided to get back to it. My life in WoW has been kind of lackluster lately. I’ve lacked that urge to play. I mean it was bound to happen eventually, but I just wish it didn’t right now considering I have way to much free time on my hands. Next Wednesday I will be graduating. It’s not really a big deal but its definitely the start of a new chapter in my life. I found that WoW has been slipping away from the list of things that interests me. I’ve tried everything to reignite my passion, from rolling new alts to playing old toons nothing seems to be doing it. Heres hoping that I will find love again.

P.S. Grats to me on 100 mounts!!!!! Took forever but I finally got there.

The truth about inscription.

Do you like gold? Are you willing to spend hours upon hours sitting in front of an auction house cancelling and reposting glyphs? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

But honestly. Inscription can be an amazingly lucrative business, if you are willing to donate vast amounts of time to it. The act of getting to max level inscription isn’t actually that time consuming. Its the endgame of inscription that makes this profession such an unforgiving *ahem* bitch. Not only does it require almost two months before you can actually know every glyph, but the competition is fierce. Now if your like me, and calculate things accordingly, you know that you can make money from either camping the ah or spamming trade. I preferably like to do a bit of both.

An example of a trade macro I would use:

/2 [INSCRIPTION] LFW. Selling any glyph 60g pst me


A lot of people ask me why I am willing to sell so low when prices on the ah are three times that. Its simple math really. While a certain glyph COULD sell for 180g, I find it much easier to offer it for 60. More people become interested a lot faster, and I’m still making a killing.

Base price for a single glyph = 13-14g

Sell price for a single glyph   = 60g

Profit = 46-47g

Percentage of profit = <300%

The base price can easily be calculated by milling 4 stacks of whichever herb you are using, totaling the amount of inks that can make you, and dividing the amount of gold you spent on the 4 stacks by the amount of inks you can make. Then you add the cost of whatever parchment you need and voila, you have a simple calculation to calculate the base cost of any glyph.


Easily one of the most annoying tasks in the game. If there was ever a good enough reason to not get into inscription, this would be it. It takes endless amounts of time to mill all the herbs, and then an even longer amount of time to make all of the inks. Regardless of how mind numbingly boring it is, it doesn’t have to drive you to the point of suicide. A simple way to mill herbs in your bag would be with this simple macro.

/cast milling

/use Cinderbloom

/use Stormvine

etc….. (adding additional lines for the different types of herbs you want to mill.)

This macro allows you to one click mill herbs in your bag. While you will have to spam it, its a lot easier then pressing a button to cast milling and then manually clicking on every single stack in your inventory.


Multiple people rely on a heavy set of addons to post their glyphs, Que them up, or make a shopping list for mats. While all of this is great, I don’t use any of them. Using addons leaves to much room for error, especially since a machine is doing it for you. I use the general Auctionator and Auctioneer addons. Both offer unique features for posting on the ah and simplify it way to much. These addons can be found curse.com

So I hope you enjoyed my initial guide for some basic inscription lessons. Eventually I will update it with further and more indepth information, but for now this will be it!

The end of the cataclysmic shuffle.

It is a sad, sad day for jewelcrafters across the world. A new change has been noticed on the patch 4.2 PTR and it seems that the vendor prices for uncut uncommon green gems is being significantly reduced, taking the price of a stack of 20 gems for 100g to 10g. Multiple tears have fallen already over this change, as one of the easiest methods to making old from jewelcrafting is being removed from the game.

Although the loss of the shuffle is a large blow on jewelcrafting, it also means an even larger blow for miners. Ore price is already ridiculously low and with the change the price floor completely disappears. Expect ore prices to drop even lower then they are currently when the patch goes live.

This doesn’t mean that jewelcrafting is out for a profitable profession. When 4.2 goes lives your gem sales are going to skyrocket people, what with everyone gearing up and needing more gems. So stockpile those gems people, especially the red ones as they are the most popular.

Also there are plenty of other ways to make gold with your green gems. You can transmute them, use them to turn them into rings that can either be sold or disenchanted, depending on which makes you more gold.

So be on the lookout for some super cheap ore in the future, because you CAN still make money off of prospecting, it just may not be that easy.